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How to add a web site to your Android home screen with Chrome

Your smartphone, notebook or tablet’s home screen isn’t only for different applications. Whatever stage you’re utilizing, you may stick your most loved sites to your home screen so you may rapidly get to them.

google chrome

A few stages offer reward highlights. For instance, Chrome for Android opens these sites in their own windows with no program interface, while Windows 8 and Windows Phone offer live tile reports on a few sites.


Launch the Google Chrome for Android gadgets and open the site or website page you need to stick to your home screen. Click the menu button and click Add to homescreen. Now, you will have the capacity to enter a name for the alternate way and after that Chrome will add it to your home screen.


The chrome icon will show up on your homescreen such as whatever other application shortcut or gadget, so you may put it wherever you love to by just dragging it around. Chrome for Android stacks the site as a “web application” when you click the icon, so it will get its own particular passage in the application switcher and won’t have any program interface acting as a burden.

Other prevalent Android browsers likewise offer this feature. For instance, Firefox for Android can do this on the off chance that you tap the menu catch, tap the Page choice, and click Add to Home Screen.

iPhone, iPod, and iPad Touch

Launch the renowned web browser Safari on Apple’s iOS and explore to the web page or website you need to add to your home screen. Click on the Share button on the web browser’s toolbar which is the rectangle with a bolt indicating upward. It’s on the bar at the highest point of the screen on an iPad, and on the bar at the base of the screen on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Click the Add to Home Screen symbol in the Share menu.

safari browser


You’ll be incited to name the alternate route before tapping the Add catch. The easy route can be dragged around and put anyplace, incorporating into application envelopes — simply like an ordinary application symbol. (To make application envelopes on iOS, touch-and-drag an application’s symbol onto another application’s symbol and hold it there for a minute.) When you tap the symbol, it will stack the site in a typical tab inside the Safari program application.

Other web browser programs, similar to Chrome for iOS, don’t offer this component. Due the restrictions in Apple’s iOS,only Apple’s own particular Safari program is permitted.

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