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How to Change the Screenshot File Type in OS X

As a matter of course, OS X spares each screenshot that you take as a PNG files on your Mac. PNG is the acronym of Portable Network Graphics which is a lossless configuration which may hold the quality of the picture. The main disadvantage of this format is the records have a tendency to be bigger than alternate format (such as jpg) that can’t be helpful for those who need to upload the screenshots to the web. It doesn’t enhance loading times for the sites.

You may not know about it, but rather there’s a little trap that gives you a chance to change the screenshot record position on your Mac. Yes, once you do the trap, the screenshots that you catch on your machine will be spared in your picked position rather than the default PNG design. The trap requires the utilization of Terminal to concern a command which advises the system to alter the format for the screenshots tackled the machine.

Changing the Screenshot File Format on a Mac

In the first place you have to dispatch Terminal on your Mac. To do that, tap on Launchpad in your dock and afterward scan for and tap on “Terminal”.

At the point when Terminal dispatches, type of accompanying order into it and press Enter. This changes the file to the JPG format.

You can now have a go at catching a screenshot on your Mac utilizing the “Charge + Shift + 3” combo, and you ought to see the screenshot spared in the JPG position rather than PNG.

Operating System X supports various file formats which you may set as your screenshot formats. To utilize an organization other than PNG and JPG, you can utilize the given commands:


GIF pictures are typically low-quality pictures that don’t hold the full quality in which the picture was caught. It’s great in the event that you don’t need the viewers of your screenshot to pay consideration on the little points of interest in your picture.


It remains for Tagged Image File Format and is normally utilized for top notch pictures. To transform your future screenshots into this organization, utilize the relevant command.


PDF is normally utilized for records, and you can have your screenshots spared into this organization.

Returning Back to the Original Screenshot File Format

On the off chance that you attempted the majority of the above document arranges however nothing appeared to function as awesome as the default position, you can return back to the first organization utilizing the basic charge given beneath. Simply run the accompanying charge in Terminal simply like the above summons and it will recover your screenshot position settings to the default.

While most clients couldn’t care less what design their screenshots are spared in the length of they are perceptible, a few clients favor tweaking around to see what group works the best for them. The above tip ought to help you do precisely that on your Mac. Tell us what design worked the best for you!

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