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How to erase a write-protected USB drive or SD card

If you are stuck with a SD card or USB drive which can’t be arranged and to which you can’t duplicate any documents, here are a couple of strategies you can attempt to expel write protection and delete or organize it.

Step 1: The most effective method of how to delete a write ensured USB drive or SD card: Summary

To arrange a SD Card or USB drive you may initially need to expel the compose protection, which is conceivable by tweaking commands in the Windows Registry. In this article we offer an orderly guide on the most proficient method to delete a secured USB drive or SD card.

The most effective method to eradicate a compose secured USB drive or SD card: Step-by-step guide

Some USB sticks and SD cards have compose security switches. At the point when empowered they keep documents from being delete, or any new records being composed to the gadget. It likewise prevents you from unintentionally designing the card or stick.

Once in a while, you will see that a SD card or USB streak drive will decline to arrangement and Windows will let you know that it is compose secured, despite the fact that there is no switch, or the switch is set accurately to permit the gadget to be written to.

Ordinarily, you may read the documents which are as of now put away on the drive, yet you can’t delete them.

Step 2:

Here are steps that you may try to clean the drive and evacuate the write protection. Remember that there is no assurance that they will really work for you: your SD card or USB streak drive might be degenerate or physically broken and no utility or low-level arranging device will make it work once more. The main arrangement for this situation is to purchase another drive.

Step 2:

The most effective method to eradicate a compose ensured USB drive in the Registry utilizing Regedit.exe


In any adaptation of Windows from XP onwards, run Regedit.exe (looking regedit will for the most part demonstrate the project at the highest priority on the rundown).

Explore to the accompanying key:



Double tap on the WriteProtect esteem in the right-hand sheet of Regedit.exe. Change the Value information from 1 to 0 and snap OK to spare the change. Close Regedit and restart your PC. Interface your USB drive once more, and you ought to discover it is no more compose secured. You can now design the drive as ordinary by right-tapping on it in My Computer and picking Format.

Step 3:

On the off chance that you can’t discover StorageDevicePolicies, you can have a go at making a key by right-clicking in the white space in the Control envelope and picking New – > Key and precisely entering the name.

Next, double tap on the new folder option and again right click and pick New – > DWORD. Name it WriteProtect and set its quality to 0. TAP OK, exit Regedit and reboot your PC.

If this technique doesn’t work, skip to the following stride.

Step 4:

Removing the write protection utilizing Diskpart


Through your USB drive connected to, dispatch an order brief. Do this via looking for cmd.exe in the Start menu (or Start screen in Windows 8). In Windows XP, click Start then Run, and sort cmd.exe in the case.

NOTE: you may need to run Cmd.exe with manager benefits on the off chance that you see an “entrance is denied” message.

Make a right tap to do that on the simple route and pick Run as executive. In Windows 8, essentially pick Command brief (administrator).

Presently, sort the accompanying, squeezing Enter after every order:


list plate

select plate x (where x is the quantity of your USB streak drive – utilize the ability to work out which one it is)

traits circle clear readonly


make parcel essential

group fs=fat32 (you can swap fat32 for ntfs in the event that you just need to utilize the drive with Windows PCs)


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