Thursday, 13 May 2021

How to Give Your Instagram Profile and Instant Boost

Adding more followers to your Instagram account means that you will expose your content to a far wider audience, perfect for those who crave fame, or for those who are looking to promote. The problem with, or at least the requirements of most people in the modern world is that everyone wants things instantly, be it our TV programs, music, products or communication and social media success is no different. Finding big fame on a social media channel like Instagram overnight is simply not possible, unless on the rare occasion that someone does something extremely spectacular. With this being said, there are ways in which you can give your Instagram profile the boost which it needs and here are some ways in which you can get it.


There are already some big players on Instagram who have been working within your niche for a long time with strong levels of success and a great way to get a leg up the ladder is if you get a shout out from them. This of course won’t come about easily but if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Try to think about what you can offer the influencer in return for their support and then try to strike a deal. If they say no, they say no but if they say yes, you will see a huge spike in your following.

Big Conversation

Many underestimate just how many followers you can find if you get involved in a conversation which is going viral. If you are able to make some relevant and valuable comments on the viral piece, they will be seen by a huge number of people and therefore bring in plenty of new followers for you.

Shelling Out

If you are happy to do it then you could amass a strong following if you pay for someone to manage your Instagram profile or pay for automatic Instagram likes to further push your engagement levels. Referring back to the influencers which we were talking about before, you could offer them a cash sum to give you that powerful shout out an you may find that for a small fee, you can rack up those additional followers. There is nothing unscrupulous or unethical about investing in your Instagram profile, it is after all, for the greater good.

One Day Blitz

If you really want to see a boost in your followers, and you aren’t looking to cut corners, the best way to do so is to dedicate a day to nothing but Instagram hustle. Start off by commenting on as many pieces of content as you can possibly find within your industry, you don’t need to write War and Peace, simply give them a quick compliment on their content. Next up you need to clean up your own content, add relevant hashtags, alter the filters, delete what doesn’t look great and start to really mould your style. Get back to commenting on profiles and the next morning you will most definitely see a small boost in your followers, from the strength of your own back!

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