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How to post an ad in OLX

Advertisements are very extremely important not only to grow business but also to make people aware about the products or services. It increases the awareness of consumers about the product availability or service. Nowadays rather than offline advertisements the online advertisements are also being very popular all around. It attempts to advertise the product world-wide. You have presumably watched the advertisements on TV for OLX which is one of the largest online selling companies. It is a platform where you may sell as well as buy several new products. You might be feeling that its funny or gooey but receiving cash by selling unused stuff will definitely make you laugh all the way with full of peace.

How to post an ad in OLX


People are generally looking for advertisements

Selling a used stuff is really a complicated process but OLX provides you a cool idea in this process. Its really not a good thought to gather unused things to speared dust on your shelf. Possibly your kid has outgrown their bicycle or you have an a LP Player in immaculate condition that is simply staying there yet it may bring you a considerable amount of cash. Imagine if you get enough amounts of cash by just selling unused or damaged stuff than OLX will help you better.  It is said that your junk could be treasure of someone.

You may make money or buy things by just selling things which you don’t need. For that you need Olx advertisements. If you have never posted an ad on OLX or other sites, here we are going to describe step-by-step process of how to post an ad on OLX.

Step 1:- Open a web browser such as Crome or Firefox in your computer, laptop or smartphone and type

Step 2:- If you don’t have an OLX account then at first you will have to be registered OLX member. It doesn’t mean that an unregistered user can’t post an ad here. But to become a valid user you must sign up in OLX so that you may buy or sell anything here. If you don’t want to register right now, than just click on Submit a Free Ad.

Step 3:- By just clicking on Submit a Free Ad you will be redirect to a Free Classified Submission page. In the very first box enter the Ad title. (Ex. For mobile phones- I want to sell my Mobile phone)

Step 4:- Select the Category according to your product.

Step 5:- Write the ad title.

Step 6:- Write the Ad Description such as for mobile phones, Brand Name, Model Number, Purchase Date, Working Condition etc.

Step 6:- Next, You will be asked to upload photo of the product which you want to sell. Upload a photo.

Step 7:- Further, you have to enter your personal details such as Your Name, Phone Number, City where you live and etc.

Step 8:- Check the above details you have entered carefully and click on Submit button.

Congratulations! Your ad is successfully post. This is the step-by-step process of posting an ad on OLX. Hope the information will help you better.

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