Thursday, 13 May 2021

How to turn off google photos backup


Have you ever wish to turn off photo backup? If yes then this article is for you. This article covers on How to turn off photo back up with Google setting application.


Backing up all your images to the Google Photos is a smart choice, however you chose it was not the perfect back up answer for you and you remove or uninstalled the application from your device. Despite you’ve uninstalled the Google Photos application, it won’t prevent your images from getting saved as a back up and still continue the backing up process to the Google’s servers. It happens just because of the setting you have saved in ‘Google settings’. The photo back up setting is live in the ‘Google Settings’ until you turn it off from your smartphone. You can utilize the Google Settings application to turn ON or OFF image auto backup , though you have uninstalled ‘Google Photos’. The Google Settings application controls key components and the photo backup. To stop completely photo backing up process, follow the Step by step instructions to kill photograph reinforcement with the Google settings application.

Maybe you experimented with Google Photos and chose it wasn’t the right backup answer for you.

To stop photograph backup or change other reinforcement alternatives, search for Google Settings in your application drawer. Select Google Photos Backup and flip the change to Off.

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Steps of turning off photo backup with the Google settings app

Step 1:- Go to “Google Settings”.

Step 2:- Select “Google Photos Backup” option.

Step 3:- Move the slider to turn OFF “Google Photos Backup”.

Once you’ve done that, pause for a moment to see what more Google Settings can do, as it controls numerous parts of the applications that spare your data to your Google account. Other helpful changes incorporate transferring pictures in their unique size or a packed arrangement, which organizers to spare, or whether to utilize portable information for reinforcement.

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